FC Hansa Rostock: “Thanks for your t(h)rust!”

 Glorious victories, overwhelming proudness of the mighty soldiers, the sons of the town conquer on the battlefield with a ball on their foot and the purpose of victory in their hearts. All this is not a part of the current and to a certain degree past accomplishments.


The decay of the club started about 5 years ago in 2007. The managers of the FC, at least as they claim to be, were not apparently aware of the ongoing dynamic changes within the transfer market. It would thus seem they obtain their insider knowledge out of the local homeless magazine “STROHhalm”, at least this would be a reasonable explanation to me as to why they made such exceptionally poor decisions. So the club experienced financial decay and the Nordic football brotherhood got literally raped with their approval.


Just in May 2012 a referendum was held by the city of Rostock concerning to save the Club from insolvency.( JA zum FC ! ) In Rostock it is seen as local patriotism to be a fan or at least a sympathizerof the club. It´s so common to be proud of Rostock and all that belongs to it. So the end of this election was nearly as clear as that Putin would become President of Russia 3 times in a row.


The captain don’t leave a sinking ship! This ship almost sunk to the bottom of the Baltic Sea due to their horrible athletic performances. They lost nearly every game. Therefore they descended into the 3rd league. Of course in the 3rd league the club earns way less money than before; and so they weren´t liable enough for the creditors they had regarding the pompous and beautiful stadium we have here. But no worries Hansaetic fellows! City to the rescue again! The city gave the team a lot of money to prevent HANSAS extinction! The only thing they have to do now is to warrant the given trust. But how they gonna accomplish it? Hmmmm. Yes, with good football! (Bet they almost overlooked this solution).


Until the new season starts there is a lot of time to train hard and rough it for our boys. So it came  down to this:the managers of the FC decided to arrange a “THANK YOU” fan special. This comprised of a free entry, a bit of cheaper beer than usual, and 2 games of extraordinary quality! The legends of the DDR Championship played against the old legionaries of the FC. Even with the announcement you could feel the air vibrating (You can still feel it in this “First Person Footage !). And if that wasn´t enough the new FC troupe showed their new skills with insane self-confidence versus a totally mixed up team of 11 good football players around Mecklenburg Vorpommern! Ladies and gentleman, let´s get ready to rumble!


Of course, half the city came to see such a spectacular event. The fact that it was free also contributed to the number in attendance I assume. Besides a little show before, within, and after the games, we will naturally put the focus of this piece on the games here! Follow my liv(ish) commentary…


So the mighty Oldie battle  began! At a decent speed but with hazardous stunts of the sprightly heroes, the game was a tense affair for the 15 minutes per half. The calcified “hallstanders” gave their best and ran as if the Grim Reaper himself wanted to catch them. In the end, the DDR warriors were beaten 4:3 by the FC routiniers. After their victory, the fans went wild and praised the men engaged in ingesting their extra dose of aspirin.


Finally. The game of games. The new and fresh FC Hansa Rostock came up to do their duty and make every trustful citizen proud. And then suddenly … nothing changed! They played the same lame and uncreative football for which they nearly got whipped out of the professional football leagues. I won´t explain the whole game. If you are interested, watch the following movie, containing the whole scenario. In the end the mixed up team won 2:3. What a shame. And of course nearly every fan was disappointed. All that effort for this? I really hope that  team will raise their standards in the near future so that being a fan of them will be rewarding again. The feeling and the willingness within the fans is still very much present. Just go for it Kogge !


They´ve got a long way to; go and I just hope they manage to  go reletively straight!































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