Meyerbeer – the “other” Starbucks

Looking for Starbucks in this small but wonderful city Rostock? Sorry, no luck there! But don’t worry. 🙂

If you like Starbucks you will love Meyerbeer as well. (I guess that nearly everyone has had a drink or two in Starbucks at least once – in bigger cities like London you will sometimes find Starbucks on nearly every corner – it’s a major chain shop. You will hopefully agree with me, that it’s really good).

Meyerbeer is at least as good as Starbucks but not as famous of course. It looks a bit different from the outside but it also offers a great deal.

What can I tell you about the sweet, little coffe shop in the “Breite Straße” in the center of Rostock? (have a look on the map) I can promise you, I will mostly enthuse about Meyerbeer! 😉

First of all, it looks really inviting. It’s a small café, modernly furnished, with a glass front. (If you like watching other people doing their shopping or gossiping about people’s outfits, or are on the lookout for sweet girls/boys, this place will be perfect for you!!!) I have to admit, I love hanging around and watching other people! 😉

In any case, you’ve got a good view of the shopping street. There’s also a nice outside area. If you’re lucky, the beach chair might not be occupied, and you can chill in the sun (if there’s one) and enjoy your coffee. The staff is young and friendly (and some of them really good-looking ;))

You can get the most delicious drinks there. You definitely have to try the Latte Macchiato (hot or cold – whatever – both thumps up!) The really cool thing is, that you can choose different flavours for example white chocolate, caramel, vanilla, etc… So there is something for every taste. In wintertime I prefer the hot white chocolate Latte Macchiato. The sweet chocolate taste and the spicy flavour of Latte Macchiato fits perfectly. It’s also warming very well!

Ah, I totally forgot to mention the Chai Tea. If you want to taste something pretty sweet the Chai Tea is a MUST HAVE. You can choose different flavours as well!

This weekend I tried the Frozen Yogurt at last – after standing in front of the billboarf with longing in my eyes lots of times! 🙂 There’s only one thing I have to say about that: Yummy! 🙂 Mix your Frozen Yogurt with smarties, fresh fruit, pistachios, nuts and toppings like chocolate or caramel sauce or strawberries – refreshing! A perfect meal for a hot, sunny day!

As I’m writing this blog, I have notices that I still have to try the food at Meyerbeer. It always looks really tasty (though lots of the tasty things are (unfortunately) unhealthy), but I have to admit that this cute café is also a bit pricy (at least for a student like me). You can get small drinks from around 3€.

Just take a look at the pictures. It’s a lovely place to have a coffee with your friends and catch up.

All that is left for me to say: Stop by and convince yourself! Then you will know what I’m talking about! 🙂

Greetings from

Frauke Hahnen

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  1. It is true that Meyerbeer cafe is not as famous as Starbucks, as you have noted. Perhaps you should do some research and tell your blog readers about the composer after whom the cafe was named!

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