Let the day fade away pleasantly at the banks of the Warnow

The Banks of the Warnow

After a tough week at the University, one of the best ways to relax is hanging out at the banks of the Warnow. You can go for a walk along the bank and watch small sailing ships. If you’re hungry, you can go to one of the nice restaurants or bars. But what I like most is to meet friends and have a nice barbeque in the evening. We have tasty salads, crunchy bread and of course original German sausages, but sometimes fish too. You will see that on a summer weekend the bank of the Warnow is filled with people having barbeques. And that’s the special thing about the area: it has a fantastic atmosphere for hanging out with your friends, talking about everything under the sun and stocking up some energy. For your barbecue you can buy a disposable grill, food, and beer in one of these shops: Edeka and Lidl. And if it so happens that you forgot something for your barbeque, no problem! There are a lot of friendly people around you who may be willing to help you out. One further note: in Germany you’re allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in public from the age of 18. 

Bank of the Warnow
The Banks of the Warnow

One interesting phenomenon which can be seen on the bank: people playing with little pieces of wood.It sounds strange, but it’s a really funny game. You have to try it out! The name of this game is Kubb. It’s a Swedish Viking game. When I saw people playing this game for the first time, I was really curious about what they were doing. One evening my friends and I met some of these people, and they showed us how to play. And what shall I say… the rules of the play are simple and time after time it is fun to play 🙂

On this map you can see where the best place is for having a barbecue, and playing Kubb at the Warnow.

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