Lighthouse Graffiti

When traveling to and taking a walk on  Warnemünde Beach, the local Lighthouse is sure to catch your eye. Just leave Warnemünde Station, cross the bridge over the channel, turn right and walk along the ships, restaurants and stores up to the sea. Can you see the green and white painted lighthouse in the distance?

Well, that’s not the one I’m talking about. If you walk along the channel as described above, you will eventually reach an entrance to the beach, located on your left. It’s from there that you will see – slightly before the beach – the Warnemünde Lighthouse, right next to a big building called the “Teepott” (teapot), which is used for events.

While climbing the stairs of the lighthouse you might notice how there are words scrambled on the bricks making up the wall in a font that gets gradually more readable the higher you go. You might also notice how almost all of them are dated, reaching from the 1920s to more recent years. Now this isn’t the work of modern-day ruffians or roaring twenties punks with a reckless disregard of respect for property, but couples and visitors who wanted to immortalize their visit or love, and I’m sure most people will agree that doing so on solid stone, visible for everyone else wanting to get a view of Warnemünde, is far more impressive than just a simple guestbook.




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