Graal-Müritz – the Warnemünde People Truly Wish for?

Like to spend your summer holidays in Rostock? Think that Warnemünde can be too overcrowded? Try to find another place with a beautiful beach which is not too far away from Rostock – Graal-Müritz!

Graal-Müritz is a small town and a very famous “Luftkurort” (spa resort with healthful climate), which is situated at about 30 kilometres away from the centre of Rostock. Actually, it consists of two big villages – Graal and Müritz, but nowadays they form one small town with lots of wonderful places.

To get there, just jump into the train (“Regionalbahn” – RB) at Rostock’s main station and get off at Graal-Müritz’s station which you reach after about half an hour. After a little walk through the town you’ll get to the beach. The street maps which you can find in every main street will help you. Using the train is the easiest way to get there, but since there are also more complicated ways to reach Graal-Müritz, you should better plan your trip beforehand.

Once you’ve reached the beach, you can relax; enjoy the Baltic Sea and the chit-chat of the seagulls. Of course you can also sun yourself, but if you don’t want to look like this, you’d better use sun lotion because at the Baltic Sea there is always wind and therefore the sun doesn’t seem as hot as it actually is.

Graal-Müritz’s is very long and perfect for a walk. Lots of people also go jogging there, so if you like being active, too, you can perhaps even join in. The “Seebrücke” (sea bridge) is definitely worth a visit and provides a nice view to the beach as well as to the sea. In the evening, the beach becomes a very romantic place – the sunsets at Graal-Müritz’s beach are wonderful. If the evening is warm, you can also swim while the sun is sinking – fantastic ;)!

Sunset at Graal-Müritz's beach taken by me - 10th July 2011

Another great experience is to visit the huge “Rhododendronpark” (rhododendron park) which is unique in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The rhododendron flowers in may and june, and if you really want to enjoy these, you should come to Graal-Müritz in these months.

But what if you come to visit the Baltic Sea and the weather is bad or if the Baltic Sea is too cold for you? In these cases, you can enjoy its water nevertheless because Graal-Müritz has a big indoor pool which is called “Aquadrom”, and filled with water from the Baltic Sea. It also includes several fitness rooms where you can play tennis, badminton, basketball or volleyball. Besides these options, you can relax in the sauna or enjoy a massage. There are many wellness offers.

Of course, you can also book your hotel room directly in Graal-Müritz if you like the idea of a small town near the Baltic Sea where you can reach nearly everything on foot. Graal-Müritz also offers many restaurants and some possibilities for shopping. I really hope that you already enjoyed or will soon enjoy the atmosphere at Graal-Müritz :).


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I'm originally from Lückstedt which is a very small village in the north of Saxony-Anhalt. First I wanted to study in Potsdam or Berlin and I had already handed in my applications when I went to Rostock one day. I immediately fell in love with the idea of living and studying near the sea! So I upset my decision and finished my application for Rostock. I moved to Rostock in September 2010 and study English, French and Spanish to become a teacher. I love the sea and the beach at Warnemünde. Since I've also discovered other beautiful places and beaches near Rostock, I want to use some of my posts to share my discoveries with you :). Most of my studies are really theoretical and therefore I really like this course because I've never written a blog before, but now I really like the idea of sharing my thoughts online. Besides, this course gives us the chance to write creatively - absolutely great. I hope you'll enjoy our results ;)!

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