The 24th of December — The Day in Germany

As you might know the big day of celebrating Christmas is Christmas Eve in Germany. All the shops are closed at 1pm and everyone is busy in wrapping the last few presents or decorate the dinner table. In the next few lines, I will give you an insight of how my family and  I are spending this special day.

The whole Christmasday starts at 12 o´clock, when I have the honour to decorate the Christmastree :). Afterwards my family and I watching a bit of Sissi — every German knows this movie; it´s very popular and if you want to see what German comedians made out of it, follow the link.

It´s 3pm and time to get ready for going to the church. Today, the mass is very special — children playing the story of Christmas and it´s so cute to see. After mass my dad puts on the raclette grill and we´re waiting for my grandparents to arrive. They are there(!) so it´s time  to open the presents! ( I know, one day earlier than you 🙂 ) Then enjoying the great meal and just having a great time until midnight.

The 25th and the 26th is basically just meeting the whole family and friends, sharing homemade food and cookies. So just laughing, talking and eating 🙂

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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