Velkommen in Danmark!

Sometimes people get quite confused when they hear about Rostock for the first time and wonder what it might be famous for. Of course, this cuddly hanseatic city cannot try to compete with Berlin and Hamburg in terms of size and visitor numbers. Nonetheless, very few foreigners are aware of the fact that it has an awful lot to offer, e.g. the proximity to the Danish southern coast.


What could you do before getting aboard? You could get a taste of the Danish life-style and get in touch with Danish fashion – that would mean you’re eager to go to lilleboshop in Rostock. God fornojelse! The shopkeepers offer you a wide range of Danish souvenirs, handicrafts, and tell you about the typical Danish customs and traditions. You’ll easily acquire a taste for both kitsch and useful North European ornaments.

A magnificent trip on one of many maritime ferries could be a nice possibility for those who like a bit of variety in their everyday lives. The Easy-Way-Ticket  makes it possible for you and your friends to have a one-day-trip to one of the most attractive places with a Scandinavian life-style. The more friends you get for travelling, the cheaper the amount to pay. So don’t lose time and join your backpacker colleagues on their way to Gedser! Gedser itself consists of a historical harbour, but the majority of visitors continue their discovery trip by taking a bus to Nykøbing, the capital of the small Danish island Falster. Don’t worry! The Easy-Way-Ticket covers all transportation expenses.  After your arrival in Nykøbing — especially in summer ­– it’s neither necessary to go by car, nor are you obliged to catch the bus. Just use your feet and watch the seagulls flying over your shoulders in this charming metropolis.

If you are any kind of history freak, if you love being cast into a historical setting of charming houses of the 17th century, if you like following the traces of a 500-year-old market, if you fall in love with North European architecture: take the opportunity to turn yourself into a typical medieval Danish merchant. You’ll be overwhelmed by Nykøbing’s historical plays, events, and markets. Finding unspoiled nature little off the beaten track and enjoying empty alleys — this is what nature lovers might appreciate on this small island. It’s all inclusive.

The funny thing about Danish hosts is their relation to language. Due to the current situation that so many German tourists travel around the country, the majority of hosts, waiters and other inhabitants tend to prefer talking in German to English (though both are generally of a high standard). Nykøbing itself is much smaller than Rostock, but it encourages bunches of tourists every summer to enjoy the beautiful cafés, restaurants, a theatre, several museums and it offers an incredibly beautiful zoo.

It is highly recommendable to take your children (if you have some though the levels of enjoyment are by no means age-restricted) and observe all the funny meerkats there.

If you focus on an entertaining shopping trip, never go there at the weekend!!! Most of the shops usually close at 2 p.m. (even on Saturdays!) However, eateries and shops to grab a little snack are generally available all the time. In terms of food culture, you can quickly become acquainted with their favourite food: bagvaerk en og is. Denmark is famous for being one of the best pastry producers in Europe. You won’t get out of the country without having tasted these unsurpassed culinary delicacies.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to do some sports in Nykøbing: The famous water tower in Hollands Gard forces you to take 147 steps up to the top, but you won’t regret it. It offers you a broad view of all the small roofs of this beautiful town. Regular exhibitions of culture and fine arts additionally enrich the top of the tower.

Vi ses snart i Nykøbing!!!



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