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The Beach

Stressed out? Here is a tip for you, a way to have a great day out and find your way back to your inner karma. Simply do what you probably have not done in ages because you simply do not find the time for it: Take a chance and your hiking shoes out of the   shelf… walk this route, enjoy nature, culture and your thoughts at ease.

Ruins of parts of the former Münster complex




Starting point is Bad Doberan, have a look at the lovely Münster. 



RouteFollow the route until you get to “D”, located in Heiligendamm. There you can have a well-earned coffee in the 5star Grand Hotel Heiligendamm until you go back to Bad Doberan by taking the old steam locomotive, lovingly called “Molli”. Walking this route will take you approximately 5 hours, and you will pass beautiful untouched nature, a forest and a beach.

I just walked this tour and can warmly advise you to do so, too! It calms you down, gives you plenty of time to think and a good feeling after you have returned.

Don’t forget to take some drinks and snacks with you – I tell you, you won’t find any shop on your way except you are a milker! 🙂



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