Dos and Don’ts: Clubbing

OMG! She's overdressed!

If you were ever of the impression that Germans could be boring, lazy couch potatoes and practice their social life only at work? Well, we’re not – at least not to that extend!


For those who like to burn the candle at both ends, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offers many places to go clubbing. With our dos and don’ts in clubs you are on the safe side and will have an unforgettable and great night!

How reckless of Barbie! Her daughter seems not to be 18 years old!

To enter clubs, you have to be at least 18 years old in Germany. When you decide to visit a club with your friends, make sure you don’t come too late. The later you come, the more crowded the club will be and it can be very hard to get in. Never bring your own drinks or your own beer with you. And if you want to get access to the club, make also sure you are not too drunk when you arrive!

You have to bring your jackets and bags to the coat-check.

Once you are in the club, you can try to pay a cheaper admission-charge by presenting your international student-ID to get a discount. So after you paid your admission-charge, it is better to bring your pockets and jackets to the coat check. There you have to pay about 0,50 €; after that you get a kind of label with a number on it – remember that number and don’t lose it. Once you lose the label you could get into trouble to get your stuff back.


Nice! Happy Hour!

Ready to go! Why don’t you start with a stimulating drink? Some clubs provide some special offers – they are called “Happy Hours”, just ask the bartender for those special offers. Don’t forget: you can get chucked out of the club if you are too drunk! In some clubs there is a curious practice: some dorks throw their glasses on the ground. Don’t be so silly as those jerks and keep the floor clean! ;D


Be polite and have fun – and maybe this evening …

So, now up to the dancefloor! Enjoy the night and dance as you want, as long as you don’t take too much space. As a man never grab at any women. You can start to get in touch with someone by making eye contact and it is common for men in Germany to start a talk or flirt. But don’t be too offensive – accept a “No, thanks!”.


… will come to a fine end!

So if you still think we Germans are boring couch potatoes – allow us convince you of the opposite and see you soon!

She was too drunken, so she was kicked out…



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