La Havanna

Buenos días amigos y amigas =)

This time we want to say something about the little Cuban bar La Havanna, which is located in the Waldemarstraße 1 in the KTV.

It’s a small bar but there are benches outside, so if the weather’s good you can enjoy a rum and cigar in the sun and have a good time. First we ordered 2 Cuba Libre and smoked some cigarettes because we hadn’t enough time for a cigar. Both of us agreed that it was one of the best Cuba Libres we ever had and we’ve had a lot of them before.

We decided to try some other rum after we had quit our Cuba Libres so we asked the owner if he might recommend us one, what he did: Mulata Eliser de Ron. Believe us it tastes as great as it sounds. He told us that he fell in love with that one when he visited a tavern in Cuba – you can’t get this stuff in Germany, but he imports it directly from Cuba. Let us use his words to describe the taste of this delicious, great, awesome, excellent, unique, god made rum: “It’s like an angel peeing in your neck.” (that’s how he got us to order two of them). He was right 😉 (actually we don’t know how it feels if an angel is pissing on us but if it feels like that we’re going to look out for one 😀 )

So if you want to feel Cuban in the middle of Rostocks city, go to La Havanna and enjoy yourself with cigars & rum.


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Erik Schulze is a student of politics and anglistics at Universität Rostock and has lived in Rostock for some years now - just enough to find out about all the places you need to know in the beautiful city at the sea to enjoy your stay.

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