The Barnstorfer Wald (Southwest of Rostock)

After a long and heavy night of partying, you might feel the need to relax and sober up. One nice place to calm down lies in the southwestern part of Rostock: the ‘Barnstorfer Wald’ – a huge, 156 Hectare, forest resort near the Ostseestadion.

It is divided into 2 parts. The more eastern part offers a more park-like atmosphere, during summer you will meet several Rostockers barbecuing on one of the meadows there. The other western part is mostly an extension area of the Rostocker Zoo. Actually, they are building the “Darwineum” – a bigger house and compound for apes – at the moment. Thus, while wandering through the Barnstofer Wald, you might also get the chance to see and watch wild horses or deer for free.
You can get there by taking line 3 or 6 (direction: Neuer Friedhof/Zoo) and getting of at the “Platz der Freundschaft” or “Zoo” stop.
If you are ready to drink a beer again, you might have one at the “Trotzenburg” or “Jägerhütte”. There is always something to experience at the Barnstorfer Wald. Nature – Fun – Relief.

You can easily get there by taking the line 6 (Platz der Jugend/ Zoo) (day) or 3 (nights/at weekends) trams.

written by Carolin Bilgenroth

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