Rostock in a Seashell – More Shells than Nuts Here!

The exquisite university city Rostock, situated in the north-east of Germany and just 2 ½  hours distant from Berlin, reflects the place where we cherish to study and are fond of good living. Whoever wants to experience both tranquillity and lively spirit should visit the cosy Hanseatic city.

For example you can stroll around the historic district, chill in our “Rosengarten” (garden of roses), go shopping, celebrate in one of the many clubs and bars or go to the beach of Warnemünde or Markgrafenheide.

The harbours of Rostock and Warnemünde provide several travel connections to other countries like Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Once a year both people and ships from all over the world gather for the most important spectacular event called “Hanse Sail”. Just picture a harbour full of different traditional sailing and luxury ships (for example terrific pirate vessels with an authentic crew) as well as a spacious area with many other attractions and stages in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Last but not least the beach not only offers relaxing sun tanning hours with the smell of salt in the air but also exciting sport activities and parties around bonfires.

written and contributed by Nadine Wollmann & Felix Lau

Shopping centre in front of the Kröpeliner Tor, by Felix Lau

Shopping centre in front of the Kröpeliner Tor, by Felix Lau

Rostock Harbour in April

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I am a student of English studies and paedagogy at Universität Rostock and I live in Kühlungsborn, a sea resort 25 kilometre west of Rostock. I have a large range of hobbies including photography and both listening and playing music. I definitely enjoy studying and living very close to the baltic sea, since It's a nice balance to everyday work.

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