Wonderful Motion Picture Theater “Wonderful”

Bored of typical Hollywood movies? Sick of all the action, blood and dreary jokes?
Looking for something else?
Go to Li.Wu.!


– Watch many good but lesser-known European movies
– Watch many non-Hollywood movies from all over the world which are totally the opposite of mainstream
– …

Since 1993, Li.Wu. which is the apprehension for Lichtspieltheater Wundervoll (motion picture theater “Wonderful”) gives both more sophisticated movies the chance to be seen and visitors the chance to enjoy them.

Movies that are on Li.Wu.’s cinema screen at the moment:

Regular entrance fee is € 6,00. Children up to 12 years pay € 3,00 and their parents € 5,00. So not really more than a regular cinema ticket. And it is worth it!

Maßmannstraße 14 18057 Rostock (in the Hansa-Kino)

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  1. I’ve been to the LiWu a few times and it’s really worth a visit. They also show movies in the original language quite often, which is perfect for someone like me, who dislikes dubbed movies, or for someone who doesn’t speak German. 🙂

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