The ‘ST Club’

One of the most charming clubs in Rostock is the ST Club which means Schiffahrtstechnik that is roughly translated to “technique for ship-building”. While not being the biggest club nor being an especially good looking location, the ST club offers a variety of events and wins over Rostock’s party-folks with it’s easy and familiar atmosphere.

It does not look that special from the outside, you can barely see the club, if you dont notice the security guards. After that you instantly find yourself in the outside area.

Every week, Rostock has a lot of different ‘events” like the 123-Studentenparty on Tuesdays where a can of beer only costs one euro, a long drink costs two euros and a special cocktail costs three euros. This is also the the most crowded day of the week for ST club, so you should absolutely go there an Tuesdays.

One thing that might be a hate-it-or-love-it situation is the low-key ambience of ST Club. While clubs like, for example, the Bacio Lounge have higher standards and expectations of dressing up and couture ST Club usually has people in it that wear their everyday outfits and just want to have a good time.

ST Club



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The ST Club is perfect for people that don’t want to dress up and just party in the middle of the week.  The music usually offers a mixture of different genres like Indierock, Pop, R’n’B but never strays too far away from the mainstream.  The outside area with it’s third bar and a barbecue-booth are great as they are and invite to chill outside if you do not feel like dancing.  All in all ST does not offer the most or the best of everything, but the things it tries to do, it is doing really well!


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Erik Schulze is a student of politics and anglistics at Universität Rostock and has lived in Rostock for some years now - just enough to find out about all the places you need to know in the beautiful city at the sea to enjoy your stay.

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  1. Hej, st also offers some free cinema shows. every other week or every sunday? i dont really know. but anyhow, that is also a great thing to do or watch.

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