The “Geisterwald”

At the Baltic Sea Cost between Warnemünde and Heiligendamm, you will find the small sea resort Nienhagen, with its mysterious forest called the Geisterwald (roughly translates to the forest of ghosts) immediately situated at the steep coast. Myths and legends have grown up around the beautiful forest, . derived, perhaps, from the sight of the bleak trees that are marked by the harsh storms that blow every year over the Baltic Sea. In dusk and in fog they may appear a bit uncanny. But at sunset, I can definitely say, that the mystical forest becomes just lovely: you will see a spectacle of colours through the treetops and the sparkling water of the Baltic Sea.

written and photographed by Sandra Stüwe

Forest of Ghosts by Sandra Stüwe
Forest of Ghosts in Nienhagen, by Sandra Stüwe

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About Felix Lau

I am a student of English studies and paedagogy at Universität Rostock and I live in Kühlungsborn, a sea resort 25 kilometre west of Rostock. I have a large range of hobbies including photography and both listening and playing music. I definitely enjoy studying and living very close to the baltic sea, since It's a nice balance to everyday work.


  1. I’ve been asking myself a couple of times what you can find over there when you walk down the beach from Warnemuende – but never find the time to go there. But these photos inspire me to do it soon^^ Very interesting – and good pictures!

  2. I didn’t even know about that forest! But it looks great and really want to go there soon. The pictures are beautiful, well done! Thanks for inspiration 😉

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