First Beach Polo Cup in Warnemünde

From the 20th to the 22th of May the first beach polo will be held in Warnemünde.

The area is about 15 km long and begins to the west of the lighthouse of Warnemünde and the “teepott”

Polo is a teamsport where, normally, 4 players of each team ride horses and try to strike the ball with a long-handled mallet into the opposition’s goal. In this beachpolo event, one game consists of 4 Chukkers. 1 Chukker is about 5 minutes long. After every goal the sides are changed. The ground is bordered by 1,20m boards and on the short sides there are two 3m high goalposts.

On the beach polo cup in warnemünde, 6 teams will play each other in 2 vs. 2 matches. The teams are:

  • Team Juwelierhaus Grabbe/Hublot Swiss Watches
  • Team Ostbau/Fresand/Lieblingsstücke
  • Team Gosch Sylt/Wiesmann Manufaktur
  • Team Hotel Neptun/Hotel Hübner
  • Team Tuning Hike/ostseewelle Hitradio Mecklenburg Vorpommern
  • Team Porsche Zentrum Rostock/Veuve Cliquot/Spielbanken Mecklenburg

The whole area where the beach polo cup is held is about 15 km long and begins to the west of the lighthouse of warnemünde and the “teepott”

Even if you’re not into polo, you can check out the event. It is for free and there will be a lot of other fun activities to do besides watching polo. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the games start at 1.00 pm.

Check out the official page for more information:

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