High Diving- Springertage In Rostock

High diving— performing acrobatics while falling into water from a springboard- how exciting is that?!

Springertage In Rostock

Diving might not be a sport for everyone to take part in, but is definitely a pleasure to watch.
From may 27 until may 29, the 56. Internationale Springertag (56th international diving day) will take place in Rostock. On three days, the Neptunhalle will be host for many international sportsmen and women who are willing to show off their skills and abilities of flexibility. Visitors are able to see exciting competitions and relish the mixture of water sport and acrobatics.

The entrance fee is around 8-12 Euro per person and are availed at the Neptunhalle.

Check out the schedule:


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  1. Hey, so nice that you actually mention the “Springertage”, because I think that it is a really amazing sport that many people miss because they do not know about it. I will definitely attend it. It is also nice that you wrote down the price since I had really troubles finding out in the internet!
    Thanks very much!


  2. Thanks for that article.
    We just setup a facebook page and a live stream of the event. just follow the link above.
    BTW the entrance fee is EUR 6.
    cheers, Ronald – Webmaster Team

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