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This weekend all clubs such as LT-Club, ST-Club, Bunker, Bacio Lounge, Studentenkeller, Nightpark and many more are just waiting for you and your friends to have fun, to flirt, to meet new people, and to get lost into the music. Try them out, you won’t regret it! 😉

If you are not that into dancing, I can recommend you these events:

14. May 2011 | Saturday | Eurovision Song Contest

Visit a bar or pub in the inner city of Rostock and/or KTV! Why? There you can watch the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in a smooth atmosphere together with other young people and get intercultural entertainment. The ESC is known for Europe’s craziest artists and funny performances. It starts at 8 p.m. and takes place for the third time in history in Germany, this time in Düsseldorf. For Germany, Lena, who won the ESC last year in Norway and is well known by the song “Satellite”, is going to perform her new song “Taken by a stranger”. Get close to the action at this extraordinary event and enjoy delicious cocktails and the fascinating atmosphere with students from Rostock University and the “Meckie” people! On that note: Good luck, Lena!

To reach the city centre you can take any tram.

18. May 2011| Wednesday | Violin Evening

If you fond of classical music I strongly recommend you to go to “Kammermusiksaal” (=chamber music hall) of the HMT. Prof. Axel Wilczok’s students have organised a brilliant violin evening which will begin at 8 p.m. and is for free.

The HMT stands for Hochschule für Musik und Theater and is a College for music and theatre students. The old building provides a romantic atmosphere which gives this event a special touch. Get in contact with a mixed audience from students to elderly people.

You wonder how you get there? The HMT is close to the New Market (Neuer Markt) and can be reached with tram 01, 02, 05 and 06.

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