Florida in Berlin?

In my last blog, I wrote about the most tasty paste in another city – Rome. In this blog I want to introduce you again to an ice cream dealer that you can find outside of Rostock – namely in the biggest city in Germany, our capital, Berlin. I don’t want to promise that this […]

Life Is Not a ‘Ponyhof’

Again with the quotes about life? But you gotta admit, life is indeed sometimes as hard and tough as a hoof, so we here in Germany say: “Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof!” (See what I did there? ‘Hoof’ and ‘Hof’? Eh?) What’s with the rhyming you might ask and wonder? Well, let me tell you […]

“Life is like riding a bicycle.[…]”

“[…] To keep your balance you must keep moving” (Albert Einstein) Life is also like a box of chocolates (Forrest Gump) or a rollercoaster (Ronan Keating – former, Irish-born member of Boyzone) respectively. So to start this blog with one of those generic, wannabe-wisdom quotes about what life is like might’ve been a bit of […]

A little Trip to Rome?

After my new experiences with new kinds of paste the “FroYo”; I want to share some older experiences I’ve had with paste in other places than  Rostock. On my birthday, this year in February, I flew with my girlfriend to Rome. In the planing phase for our vacation, she prepared everything – the flights, the […]

Heavy basslines behind Rostock’s main station

Heavy basslines behind Rostock’s main station Hidden behind the central bus station (ZOB) where others start their trip to Berlin in order to smash their dancing feet, no one would expect a beautiful, but cold palace with hammering bass music. What really used to be a powerhouse has now turned into a grey, but somehow […]

JAZ: A place for freedom, no space for Nazis

JAZ: A place for freedom, no space for Nazis Since 1992, Rostock has often been associated with the terrible racist attacks in Lichtenhagen (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rostock-Lichtenhagen_riots). What is not commonly known among tourists and especially other Germans, is that Rostock is a beautiful city with a thriving young left-wing oriented political scene. One example is the JAZ, the […]

History, culture, museums…

I’m pretty sure that you remember the subject “history” back from their schooltime. It’s one of the most boring and driest disciplines at school. Or do you remember the days when your parents wanted you to visit useless museums with them, but you just wanted to go do your stuff? I do remember, and that’s […]

Hangout Places in Rostock

I’ve already written a couple of blogs about transportation, accommodation, the movies, and places to eat. In this blog, I want to focus on nice places to hangout in our beautiful city Rostock. Everyone knows exactly what a summer picnic is: A nice meal eaten outdoors, optimally being in a scenic landscape like a park […]

A Slightly Unusual Pool Experience…

Summer’s here. Finally. And what does the average Rostockian do on a hot summer day? Go to the beach, of course! That’s what I wanted to do last Friday when we had 32°C and the entire city felt like it would start to boil any minute. Actually, I’d been planning the entire thing with some […]

Summer Season is BBQ Season!

Since my stay in the States – I was 16 years old – I really cherish a good southern BBQ. I lived on a large southern horse farm, and after an exhausting day of barn chores, we always enjoyed a fantastic BBQ, which my host dad started preparing as early as in the morning. He […]