Summer Season is BBQ Season!

Since my stay in the States – I was 16 years old – I really cherish a good southern BBQ. I lived on a large southern horse farm, and after an exhausting day of barn chores, we always enjoyed a fantastic BBQ, which my host dad started preparing as early as in the morning. He […]

Biking tut gut.

“Get in loser. We’re going on a bike tour!” (borrowed and substantially altered from Tina Fey 2004: Mean Girls) (Sorry, I just can’t help it – as a university student, I am morally and legally indoctrinated to use quotes and accurately state the source material.) This blog, as you might have already guessed, will first […]

Riding your bike in Rostock

Rostock is one of those cities where you’re faster riding a bike than anything else. If you stay in it’s inner boundaries (Innenstadt, östliche Altstadt, nördliche Altstadt, KTV, STV, Südstadt), you’ll generally reach everything within ten to fifteen minutes. Most bigger roads have bike lanes attached to them, and  bycicle stands can very often be found […]

Rock around the clock

it’s what you get if you visit the COAAST in Warnemünde. This little but satisfactory, quaint and cosy location combines the 2 most crucial and essential goods of human kind, goods for which no substitute could ever be invented. Millions of people would wake up bad-tempered every single morning if they had to go without […]

The bestest cake in town

I like a little competition: One day, a friend and I decided to look for the café or bakery that serves the best cake in town. My friend is the Cookie Monster in person. Apple pie or Cupcake, Croissant or Éclair, Baklava or Börek – he is devoted to pastries. To be honest, I prefer […]

6 high-end ingredients for a closed-shops-Sunday

In Germany, unlike many other countries, shops are normally closed on Sundays and sometimes especially elderly people even get upset with McDonalds or bakeries being open –  or even worse: ‚Verkaufsoffene Sonntage‘ –  Sundays where stores are allowed to be open.  These are, however, rare, so for me this trading situation very regularly creates the […]

Do some late night shopping

It’s a hot summer evening. A friend and I sit outside at Margaretenplatz to have a cold beer. A gentle summer breeze is in the air. We talk for hours, and when our beers are empty, the clock strikes ten. Damn, every supermarket is closed – except for REWE near Doberaner Platz. We could go […]

Rostock’s Restaurants for everybody

Everybody knows the feeling: I’m famished. Starving to death. And suddenly, all the pointless discussions about all the different places to eat are starting. “I don’t like a steakhouse”! “Oh my god not this restaurant again”! “Noooo, I just had that yesterday”! So people, I’m here today to present you all the different and nice […]

On the Hook

I recently rediscovered an old hobby of mine. Well, calling it a ‘hobby’ stretches the truth a little – let’s say it’s something I used to enjoy doing and have wanted to do again for quite some time. Fishing! I’d always wanted to try, and then I finally got the chance in 2011 when I […]

A completely New World

After some advice from a fellow student that “Fröhlich – Frozen Yogurt” at “Am Brink” is the best Frozen Yoghurt Spot in Rostock, I became very curious but didn’t know what to expect. To be honest, I had never tried “FroYo”; I had always been a bit conservative in trying new forms of paste. But […]

Who let the dogs out?

Hello, can you hear me? Well, today its me barking at you. Usually, my human writes this blog. However, she is currently sleeping and is certainly not playing with me (which is a bit outrages), so I want to grab the chance to talk about something really important. By the way, my name is Hildegard. […]